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About Joyi

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Company History

Joyi provides supply chain solutions that deliver the greatest return on investment for your products. We have proven expertise in designing and implementing supply chain strategies in China for more than a decade.

1999-2002 Getting Started

Inspired by the future of e-commerce’s development in China, Ms. Liu chuanting and Ms. Qian Sun, founder of Joyi, started the logistic business from transportation in Shandong Province in 1999 with the ambition to be the leading logistic service provider in China. 

2002-2014 Expanding and Innovating 

Joyi enjoyed high speed growth during this period, with business expanded to integrated supply chain solution streamlining the goods flow, business flow, information flow and cash flow. 

Since 2014 Sustainable growing

Joyi has evolved into a group company, with sixBusiness Units serving customers from more than 30 provinces in China. In 2014, the founder of Joyi empowered a young and professional management team, aiming to face the new economy growth trend in China by engaging more state-of-the-art technologies, perfecting the management skillsets and accelerating the innovation. 


Industry Leader

Over the 15 years development, Joyi has built more than 1200 offices or branches all over China. The company size has reached more than 3000 well experienced employees. Joyi is accredited with national 4A level logistic company, and ranked 21 nationally and 6 among private-owned logistics companies in China. From 2009 to 2011, Joyi was consistently ranked the most innovative logistics company in China, and the brand value of Joyi has dramatically increased.

Company Culture