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Supply Chain Solution

Through consolidated consulting services, Joyi assists you to explore the current supply chain design, identify major improvements in efficiency, cost, service and sustainability, and provide you with the one stop solution to implement it.

Solution for Automotive:

  • Inventory optimization to lower obsolescence and reduce inventory carryingcost.
  • Distribution optimized to employ the lowest cost, most efficient freight and transportation strategies.
  • Automotive logistics of spare parts for aftermarket incuding forward and reverse logistics providesolutions to improve visibility,optimize the transportation network and best manage the bi-directional logistics.

Solution for Health Care:

We provide safe, efficient and on-schedule production logistic service to support the JIT production Customize the warehousing and distribution services based on the individual customers’ needs to achieve flawless process and continuous improvement.

Consuming Goods & Retails:

Transportation optimized to increase carrier effectiveness and improve inventory management capabilities, eventually enable your company to increase perfect orders.



  • Supply Chain Optimization, Improve information transparency and shorten the response time.
  • Design the distribution centers and models to increase the customer satisfaction level and minimize the transportation cost.